The Reach Out Initiative helps you build & strengthen your professional & personal relationships

The Reach Out Initiative is a five-day, email-based training program that teaches smart, effective networking strategies to people who want to build better relationships and grow their networks.




The Reach Out Initiative begins with enrolling in the virtual training. Your first official lesson will be delivered on March 6, 2017.

But there’s no need to wait to get started—your enrollment includes immediate* access to our Reach Out Guide. You also get immediate* access to our discussion forum so that you can connect with other Reachers.

When the Reach Out Initiative officially kicks off, you will receive daily lessons via email with information for that day’s Reach Out Challenge. Each day includes a theme and suggestions, plus scripts and contact methods if necessary.

When the Reach Out Initiative is finished, you still have access to the discussion forum and your bonus worksheets so that you can continue to Reach Out and get support.


*Subject to confirming your enrollment and system processing time


The Reach Out Initiative goes beyond 5 days of training.



You don’t have to go it alone. With the Reach Out Initiative you get a built-in community of like-minded people with the same objective—to grow their networks in a fun and sleaze-free way.


Need someone to tell you that you’re smart and totally not crazy for wanting to email the biggest name in your industry? Or that your mom is wrong and your hair does look good? You’re in the right place.


Get with our (pre-designed) plan, man! Stop wasting time figuring out how to build a robust personal & professional network and start following our repeatable Reach Out methods.



Do I have to participate in the Reach Out Initiative every day?
No. You can reach out on one day or reach out every day. The choice is yours.

How do you recommend I reach out?
However you’re most comfortable. We recommend email for people with whom you are not already connected; for strengthening relationships, you have more options.

Does the Reach Out Initiative require any software or downloads?
No. The ROI is entirely browser- and real-world-based.

Which web browsers is the Reach Out Initiative compatible with?
Thanks to a shiny new design, the ROI is designed to work on all desktop and mobile browsers! (Internet Explorer may have a few issues though.)

Is there a place where I can connect with other people reaching out?
Yes! We have a Facebook group dedicated to this Initiative, which you can join after confirming your participation.

Why is the Reach Out Initiative free?
Honestly? It's because I like connecting people with other people.

That's it. There's nothing to buy at the end of the Reach Out Initiative—unless you want to. In which case, don't wait; check out the Shop or make a donation now.

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