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Here, we're all about POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION.

Changing your thoughts & changing your actions so that you can CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

It starts with DISCOVERING WHAT MATTERS (to you) and then ALIGNING YOUR ACTIONS WITH YOUR VALUES so that you can starting living a life of FREEDOM, PURPOSE, & ABUNDANCE.

It's about NOT SETTLING for what you think is available or what you think you deserve and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for creating and claiming what you want.

And now, you have all the tools & texts you need.





The Powerful Transformation philosophy is rooted in your Personal Core Values, i.e. the qualities that matter most to you. Every program and publication in the Powerful Transformation repertory relies on your knowing your Personal Core Values, which is why you begin your journey here.

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"When I started Release & Refine, my life was complex and juggling. I realized that I do so much for others, and that I also need to do things for myself. As a result, I’m now doing less of what I think I have to do to please others and more of what I want to do for myself."

—Kathy, Denver, CO


"Release & Refine helped me realize that I was focusing my energy on everyone else—and I was exhausted! This program gave me permission to stop and give myself time to recharge."

—A.T., New York


"Lynn writes a straight-forward, easy to follow and understand guide. The instructions will help you show up like a pro and ingratiate yourself to editors so you can start getting published. Perfect for newbies ... Lots of great, helpful hints and the standard practices you need to know about."

—Amira Alvarez


About Lynn

Lynn Daue is an author on transformation and change.

Her work focuses on the intersection between personal responsibility and personal development with a decidedly positive spin on the future. She believes in living on purpose—both in the sense of "I meant to do that" and "this is what I was meant to do."

She is the author of Release & Refine, a multimedia workbook for using your time on purpose, and Lucky Pitch, a publishing guide for entrepreneurs who want to grow their audiences (and their incomes); and the creator of Mālama Your Money, an 8-week course in taking care of your money so that it can take care of you.

In addition to her own publications & courses, Lynn has contributed to Verily Magazine, YFS Magazine, and MindBodyGreen.com.