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Hi, I'm Lynn Daue.

I write about money & values for modern day ladies.

If you ...

  • want a delightful relationship with money

  • are passionate about conscious, values-based spending

  • & are a fierce, smart, & sassy woman who wants to be the mistress of her financial domain

... then YOU are the lady I've been waiting for.

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I created this space for YOU, for one reason:

To help you build a relationship with money that's rooted in your personal values.

(We call them Personal Core Values. We'll get to that soon.)

How does It work?


We start with awareness.

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Too often, we have absolutely no idea what our true financial situations are.

Maybe we've been hiding from our bank accounts.

Maybe we don't like numbers.

Maybe we've built a house of (credit) cards and we're hoping & wishing & praying that it doesn't all come crumbling down.

No matter the case, we always start with seeking awareness of what's really going on behind the scenes and go from there.


After awareness comes clarity, understanding, & action:

(Or, if you'd rather, a deep dive into your Personal Core Values, etc.)

When I started Release & Refine, my life was complex and juggling. I realized that I do so much for others, and that I also need to do things for myself. As a result, I’m now doing less of what I think I have to do to please others and more of what I want to do for myself.
— Kathy, Denver, CO

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