What do you value?

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Hi, I'm Lynn Daue.

I'm a values-based living strategist for modern day ladies.

You know the ones I'm talking about: feminine (but not frilly), fierce (but not frightening), sassy (but not rude), & just a touch on the quirky side (because you're so darn smart).

If this sounds like you—that is, you're a hard-to-pin-down jumble of fabulous contradictions—then welcome, darling, because you just found your people.

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I created this space for YOU, for one reason:

To help you discover & live according to your Personal Core Values.

(You know, the qualities that matter MOST to you.)

How does It work?

In short, you gotta figure out what makes you tick.

Everything from here on out is based on the qualities that you deem most important; these are your Personal Core Values.

Once you get those sorted, then you can move on to plotting & planning, dreaming & scheming, and taking massive action on the life you so richly deserve.

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Now that you know your PCVs ...

(go ahead, sing out loud, I won't tell anyone)

... you can choose your next adventure:

When I started Release & Refine, my life was complex and juggling. I realized that I do so much for others, and that I also need to do things for myself. As a result, I’m now doing less of what I think I have to do to please others and more of what I want to do for myself.
— Kathy, Denver, CO